The Nextbook Ares 11A is a typical Atom tablet, but there is one difference. It ships with Android out of the box! However that did not stop me from installing Arch Linux on it! The bootloader is surprisingly not locked down and is in fact a full UEFI bootloader! So I went ahead and got to work backing up the original install of Android with Clonezilla and installing Arch Linux!

Installation was as expected and went pretty well! Partitioned the 64GB NAND by making a 500MB EFI partition and used the rest of the space for the Linux partition, didn't make a swap file since I don't want to kill the NAND.

After installation I noticed that GRUB for whatever reason doesn't boot automatically by default, still haven't been able to fix it and I tried rEFInd with no luck! Might try systemd boot and see how that goes but for now here it is. For desktop environment I decided to go with XFCE, I also installed KDE, Cinnamon, and i3 along the side because I wanted to compare resource usage between them. Everyday tasks such as web browsing work perfectly fine! It's quite usable for a Linux laptop!

Cinnamon desktop on Nextbook Ares 11A