Before beginning let's assume this isn't your only computer and you have at least another Mac or hackintosh computer to make the macOS installer, additionally we will assume that your computer is at it's factory configuration with no graphics cards or additional upgrades made that may require a different clover config. Just a reminder that I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong. Here is a guide on how to hackintosh the Dell Inspiron 3670 with macOS Mojave! Before beginning make sure to download the macOS Mojave installer from the app store.

macOS Mojave in the app store

Once you have that downloaded you can procede to making the installer USB! Follow the instructions linked here: to make the install USB and then come back. Once done download the zip linked here: and Clover Configurator. Use Clover Configurator to mount the EFI partition on your USB stick and copy the CLOVER folder from the zip linked to the root of the EFI partition on your USB stick. If you want you can download the latest version of Clover and use that to update Clover on the USB, however I haven't tested it yet so if it doesn't work assume no responsibility to me.

Once you have Clover installed you can boot your USB stick and install macOS to the hard drive like normal, once macOS is installed to the hard drive you will reboot from the USB stick and finish the install. You will then need to boot the USB stick into your fresh macOS install where we will do some final touches to get everything up and running! Install Clover Configurator on the new macOS install as well as copy the Clover zip over. Open Clover Configurator and mount the EFI partition on your hard drive. Drag the CLOVER folder to the root of your EFI partition on your hard drive, and then reboot, you may need to add an EFI entry to your BIOS so it detects the hard drive as a bootable device.

Once booted back up let's fix wifi! Follow the instructions listed in this link and wifi should work!

Hope this helps anyone who has the same computer as I and if you have any questions open an issue in the github repo: