As you may know the iOS version of twitter now has a full dark mode, Twitter still hasn't brought it to Android no matter how many times I try to tweet them about it! So let's do that ourselves because Twitter obviously won't! So incase you're wondering this is how it looks on an iPhone with full dark mode enabled:

Looks much better than the old dark mode, now let's get that on Android! You're gonna need:

  1. Root access
  2. Swift Installer
  3. Twitter

Once you have that stuff lets began!

  1. Open up swift installer
  2. Go to "Install and Uninstall"
  3. Select the twitter app and press the bucket button at the top
  4. Select the blue button in the bottom right corner
  5. Select confirm changes
  6. Reboot your device

Twitter should now look like this!

I've been using this for around 3 or 4 weeks and I can confirm it works pretty well! Enjoy your full oled dark mode!