Please respect that everything here is my opinion, you don't have to agree with me but please don't attack me! Today was WWDC 2019, Apple finally introduced dark mode in iOS, 6 years too late... While it's not exactly what I expected it's better than nothing tbh.

The dark mode really helps with using your phone at night, it also looks much better than the light mode in my honest opinion. If I'm honest Eclipse looks better tho, I must admit the accent color in Eclipse just overall fits iOS better!

As you can see they look different, Eclipse is more of a greyish color and Apple's official dark mode is a blackish color (because OLED displays). Honestly I think Android Q's implementation of dark mode was better than iOS 13's but that's up to you to decide! Another cool iOS 13 feature is the swipe keyboard, again taken directly from Android. Seems like kinda a trend tbh, Apple has been taking a lot of features from both Android and jailbreak tweaks. I wonder what we would do without jailbreaks, would Apple just run out of ideas of what to put in iOS and be lost? Or will they copy more features from Android? Rip iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, I cannot wait to see a lifetime jailbreak for these devices ;) Now that is something poisitive!

Apple renamed the iPad fork of iOS to iPadOS, I know the name is very confusing and makes you wonder why they even changed it. To your disappointment still no root filesystem access, customization of any kind, macOS apps, or any of the cool stuff you were hoping for. The iPad is still not a desktop replacement or a device for power users! Why didn't Apple just port macOS to the iPad? I ask myself every day. Apple is rumored to be releasing ARM macs in the near future, which means they have to port macOS to ARM. If they port macOS to ARM then they have no excuse to not port it to iPad, they could very easily optimize the UI for touch interfaces, add a tablet mode, and add support for iOS apps. The underlying kernel of macOS and iOS are the same, but the userland is different in many ways!

We're now onto macOS because honestly with iOS there wasn't too much to talk about, nothing really that exciting (mostly just dark mode and features from Android Q). Apple reinforced security measure called gatekeeper in macOS Catalina that prevents apps from being tampered with, while it's a decent move in terms of security for the average user, it's a pain to deal with for power users as it prevents them from modifying apps. It also switches to zsh as the shell instead of the aging bash 3.2 that macOS has been using for years! Catalina also introduces a separate read-only filesystem container for macOS, I see this as unnecessary and an inconvenience for anyone looking to modify the OS. I really hope Apple lets me turn this off! Another cool feature is the ability to use your iPad as a secondary display! While this was a feature for many years with duet display, it's nice having it native also considering duet display costed $10!

macOS also introduces a new feature called "screen time", honestly you already know what it does so I don't need to go into it.

Let's get into products, finally. The new Mac Pro, it looks like a cheese expensive one!

The new Mac Pro is one of the most expensive and powerful consumer PCs we've seen. It supports up to 1.5TB RAM, which is quite a lot considering my PC has 12GB! Base model ships with 32GB RAM and yes, let out a deep sigh in disappointment, 256GB SSD-_-. I cannot go into how disappointed I was when I saw that. It would be justified if the price wasn't so high! You probably already know how much it costs but if you don't you're about to find out. It costs $6000, I am not making that up! $6000 for 32GB RAM and a 256GB SSD! PLEASE Apple kill anything below 1TB.

That's honestly not the worst part about all this! The worst part is this.

A $999 monitor stand! I wish I was making this up, I honestly do. This is ridiculously overpriced! Who the hell can justify $1,000 for a metal stand when it probably costs around $50 to make at most. Let's not even get started on how much the monitor costs, just gonna drop the price here and let you decide! $5000

In conclusion WWDC was disappointing, more overpriced stuff and not all the new features we anticipated. Apple is certainly not a terrible company and I'm not trying to look like a stereotypical Apple hater! I'm just talking about why I think WWDC this year was a real disappointment and I think it could of been better. Please Apple cut the price of the monitor stand in half!